St Werburgh’s PTFA

Welcome to the PTFA section of the school website and thankyou for visiting! Hopefully you will find some useful info on here about who we are and what we do!

We are a group of mums/dads/grandparents/others & school staff who try to make all of our children’s time at school that little bit more exciting, not just about their academic education and (hopefully!) raise some cash in the process to buy lots of great stuff for the school.

We are friendly, welcoming, lively(ish!) and very sociable. We are not clicky, stuffy, scary, tweed wearing or Stepford like in any way. Mostly we are a little bit disorganised and follow the ‘by the seat of our pants’ style of management. It all (usually) comes together in the end and we have a great laugh!

As well as fundraising the PTFA is also a great way of getting to know other parents at the school. It’s nice chatting to each other in the playground but even better to do so with (maybe!) a glass of wine and (sometimes!) no children running around. A great example of this was our recent fashion show, a fantastic night which also raised £248 for the school.

So why do we do it? (apart from all the fun of course!) The truth is money is tight in schools. The more we raise as a PTFA the better things are for all of our children in school.

A few examples:

Residential trips are run for the children in years 2, 4 & 6, to make the cost easier for parents these are subsidised by the PTFA, this year to the sum of £1320;

11 Cameras have just been purchased so that they are available in each of the classrooms, with accessories this totalled £770;

Christmas parties have drinks, crisps and biscuits from us;

Also The Prayer Garden, School trophies, Year 6 leavers party, Nativity costumes to mention just a few more!

These are all things that would not be available from normal school funding.

Look at the new playground games we have bought!

PTFA Newsletter Mar 2016

So how do we do it?

There is a main committee made up of:

Chair – Julie Scotter

Vice Chair – Debbie Crawley

Secretary – Allie Sanderson

Treasurer – Angela Barradell

Shoppers – Nicola Macukewicz & Chris Royston

In addition to this we have a great team who come along to meetings and supply lots of extra help, ideas and enthusiasm. This involves no major commitment and they seem to enjoy getting involved!

The PTFA works best when everyone plays a part, however small. It might be providing an item for the chocolate tombola, it might be helping for half an hour on a stall or maybe providing us with a great contact for getting raffle prizes from – all of these things are a great help. If you have a great new idea or think something could have been done differently let us know – we don’t bite!