The governing body’s main task is is to support the school and they have an important part to play in raising school standards. They set targets within school and are responsible for monitoring and evaluating progress towards those targets. Governors volunteer their time to ensure that together, children at St Werburgh’s can achieve and believe.

Chair of Governors – Mrs Kate Leatherbarrow

Vice Chair – Father Julian Hollywell

Head Teacher – Mrs Ann Alton

Staff Governor – Mrs Janice Pearce

Parent Governors –  Mrs Sarah Kroll & Mr Ben Sams

Foundation Governors – Mrs Rosemary Wibberley, Dr Michael Marshall, Mr Stephen Salter & Ms Rebecca Manzie

Local Authority Governor – Mrs Michele Seal

Clerk to the Governors –  Miss Kate Smedley

(Mrs Susan Clewes)

For further details about the committees on which our governors serve, how long they are in post and how they were elected, please click here. We do not have any Associate Governors. To see which Governors Meetings have been attended by whom, please click here. To see the responsibilities that the governors have, please click here. To see on which committees each governor serves, please click here. Governors currently serving do not have any financial interests in school.