Times Tables Rock Stars

At St Werburgh’s we have invested in Times Tables Rock Stars which is an interactive programme to help your child.

Times Tables Rock Stars is available as web and app games, which are cleverly sequenced to ask pupils the questions they find most challenging, more often.

Children enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from answering questions and earning coins, which they use to upgrade their rock avatar. Many children thrive on the competitive element, so choose to play in a multiplayer game against their classmates or students around the world, whilst others focus on improving their rock speed and climbing the rockstar ranks, with the ultimate goal of achieving the status “Rock Hero”.

Maths is a big subject and we appreciate there’s more to it than times tables and there’s more to times tables than learning them off by heart. However, a lot of the rich, interesting maths is all about the multiplicative relationships and these are hard to fully grasp without fluent recall of the tables. For that reason, learning the tables is fundamental – they are a key facilitator to the maths that sits on top. We’ve always believed that.

You may notice us taking even more initiative when it comes to learning the tables with more options for home learning. If you are practising with your child, remember you’re practising for the benefit of their wider maths education, not for them to get a high score on the tests. So please enjoy the opportunity to work with your child and remember to hold back on comments about the checks.

Please be supportive of our approach in parent-parent communication channels. It’s important that we get behind the checks for the benefit of all our children.

If you have a question or want to offer your thoughts on any of the above, please bring them to your child’s teacher. Your child’s has been given their log in details – ask them for them!

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