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Striker Boy Emotional Resilience Session
On Monday 9th April Year 5/6 visited Derby County and participated in their ‘Striker Boy’ campaign which provided workshops coupled with a stadium tour focussing on emotional resilience. The children were given some practical advice around emotional resilience and about how to control their behaviour.  The sessions were aimed to:

  • Help children understand that every single person goes through difficult points in their life
  • Inspire children to understand that they have the potential to overcome and learn from every challenge they’ll face
  • Explain that resilience is something which is learnt not something that we are born with
  • Give practical advice on how to build emotional resilience
  • Provide an age-appropriate explanation of mental illness
  • Provide clear instruction on who they can speak to about their emotions

Some of the children were interviewed by Radio Derby, to listen, click here and adjust the slider to 1:45:47 to hear what they had to say about the event.

Billy Bobs Buttons, the author, came into school on Monday 12th March 2018. Click here to view the supporting information received from the author. The office have order forms should you wish to order a signed copy of one of his books for your child.